Site instructions;

  • Call ‘lab’ on channel 17 immediately upon entering the gates/yard
  • Proceed to waiting zone 1 and wait from instructions from lab over the 2way
  • When permission Is granted; enter the shared zone – go slow and be prepared to stop as the reach stacker (fork) driver has right of way.
  • Drive around to the weigh bridge where the lab will weight you in, be prepared to answer the following questions about the load
      • Vehicle registration number
      • Your name
      • The farm you are carting for
      • The commodity/grain on board
      • The variety of the commodity or grain
      • Your transport business/company name
  • Once you have been weighed in proceed to the yellow sample platform
  • The lab staff will guide you from this point forward.
  • When exiting the grid to weigh out, once again go slow and be mindful of the reach stacker driver.
  • Collect print out docket from the yellow dog door end of the building closest to hope valley road (on the left)
Halal Certified
Grain Trade Australia