Demeter Grains has strong grower relationships. We are able to supply same lines of grain accumulated from a handful of growers to achieve particular customer requirements.

We currently supply buyers Farmer Dressed Bulk, Machine Dressed Bulk or Machine Dressed Bagged product on a DCT, CFR or CIF basis. We have been reliably supplying buyers in Asia, South East Asia, Sub continent and middle east since 1986.

Our Product Range



Demeter Grains are able to offer direct access to Oat growers in arguably the best growing area in the world for Oats. Offering high quality milling oats, oats for seed or feed oats all year round.


Demeter Grains has direct access to growers that produce both high quality feed barley and preferred variety Malt barley depending on buyer preferences.


Demeter Grains supplies wheat for animal feed low cost best nutrition while also able to offer premium wheat for milling to meet our customers quality specifications.



We are able to offer both GM and Non GM Canola. This is accumulated from a handful of growers around Australia that provides consistency of oil content for greater value in crushing.


We offer multiple products, varieties and quality specifications across all commodities including Albus Lupins, broad beans, chickpeas, kabuli chickpeas, field peas, faba beans, green mung beans, lentils, sprouting dun peas and Vetch.

Speckled Lupins

A high protein based feed option that Demeter Grains has direct access to growers for both domestic and international markets. Demeter Grains is able to supply in bulk or further process into kibbled or Lupin kernel meal.

Processed Products

Demeter Grains has reliably supplied customers processed Oats since its inception. Demeter Grains started the company on the back of strong relationships in this food industry.

Processed Oats

Demeter Grains has the ability to supply Quick, Instant, Rolled Oats, Kiln Dried Hulled Oats (KDHO), Green Groats (Hulled Oats) depending on customer requirements.

Other Products

Livestock Feed Pellets

Demeter Grains is connected to pellet mills in Western Australia that produce high quality feed pellets for all types of animals.


Demeter Grains is connected to Cotton Gins in Eastern Australia that supply cottonseed all year round.

Premium Horse Feeds for local and export markets.

Demeter Grains own and operate Morton Nutrition which produce top quality equine feed from micronized grains and mueslis grown in Western Australia. The range has been formulated by an equine nutrition specialists based on the latest equine nutrition research and the micronizing process maintains the palatability of the feed whilst improving digestibility.

Morton Nutrition

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